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Calvary Hill Cemetery

​​Calvary Hill Cemetery is located on Calvary Hill Road, a few miles south of the parish complex. Individuals interested in purchasing a plot should become familiar with the pricing options, listed below, and contact the parish office for more information.

Calvary Hill Cemetery Bylaws

  1. Lots and niches may be purchased in Calvary Hill Cemetery at the set cost described in the latest produced brochure.
  2. The cost of a preschool child’s grave is $200. The cost of a school-aged child’s grave is the same as the cost of an adult’s grave, which is $600.
  3. The fee for the opening of a grave is standard for all at a cost of $875 under normal conditions; an additional charge will be added if a compressor is needed. This fee also includes the closing of the grave. A preschool grave opening costs $200. Saturday burials have an additional $100 fee.
  4. Ashes may be interred only in-ground by cemetery personnel at a charge of $300. Saturday Burials for ashes is $350.
  5. Footers for tombstones are to be installed only by cemetery caretakers at $1.00 per square inch. Payment must be made in advance.
  6. Only concrete vaults will be permitted in Calvary Hill Cemetery.
  7. Monuments may be made only of marble or granite. Plastic or concrete markers are not permitted.
  8. There must be an indenture and an agreement for each lot or grave purchased.
  9. No lot or niche can be resold except to the parish. Lots sold back to the parish will be bought at the original purchase price.
  10. Persons who set aside graves as a family plot and who wish to pay for the same over time MUST establish a monthly payment plan with the pastor. Failure to make payments for three consecutive months forfeits those graves partially or completely unpaid.
  11. Flowers are only to be planted in front of the stone, approximately six inches from the stone. No flowers are to be planted behind the stone. No shrubs, trees, bushes, chips or decorative fencing are permitted.
  12. Artificial flowers are allowed only during the period from November 1 until May 1, because the wires and plastic interfere with equipment used for mowing and trimming. The cemetery is not responsible for artificial flowers placed at graves.
  13. All burials will be from the chapel. Other arrangements must be made with the pastor.
  14. All perpetual care donations will be added to the cemetery’s endowment.
  15. The prices are subject to change without notice.

Calvary Hill Cemetery Fees

Cemetery Lot: Single​$600
Cemetery Lot: Double​$1,200
Niche in Columbarium of Our Lady of Carmel: Single or double depending on the size of containers​$1,200
​At Time of Burial: In-ground interment​$875
​At Time of Entombment: Niche entombment
Saturday: additional weekend burial fee

Entombment Niche Fees

Pre-Need- Single/Double

​Plate – Place on Niche​$590
​At Time of Death – “Year”​$100

Current Year/Non Current Year

Current Year​$50
Non Current Year​$230

These fees are subject to change. Please note, it takes four to six weeks to receive a plate once ordered. Please note, there will be an additional fee for the “year” of second entombment.